Gina Lopez’s First Health & Wellness Talk a Success!

Everyone was overwhelmed with her presence and very charming ways of talking and encouraging every attendee last January 20 to find and carve their own path towards a life of health and wellness!

Gina Lopez, the advocate and influencer for healthy living, had her first Health & Wellness Talk for 2018 at the 21st floor of the 8 Rockwell Building in at the Rockwell Center, Makati.

Close to 300 attendees were attentive and enthusiastic over the first talk the former DENR Secretary had! While bestselling products of GStuff were laid out for selling!

Starting off with the rituals and activities that lead to her own path to embracing and living a life of wellness, Lopez or “GL” as she is addressed by just about everyone, roused the audience by initially declaring “First I am going to feed you with healthy food, which she called ‘Oxygen Food’” to which elicited laughter, intrigue and applause. Plus which she spoke of later on. Her sautéed broccoli, string beans, sliced carrots and sayote were passed on, while floral mists made from floral herbs from Palawan were sprayed all over “to infuse positive energy in everyone”.

In the interim, her guest speakers enthused everybody with the new forms of healthy regimens they can use and adapt into their daily lives Eli Abela’s “Biohacking” – using either solar energy, and lighted gadgets to fight off harmful and negative energies, relax the mind and body and infuse positive and happy vibes into our senses. Rhiza Gomez discussed why and how Bulletproof Coffee (yes there is such!), can ward off fear, apprehension, stress and depression. The recipe is even unlikely yet surprisingly good tasting. Just add a tablespoon of butter into your coffee and dash it with VCO, and you have a warrior of a drink for your health. Dr. Frank Quilas talked of how the Inner Space Technique can help us find the energy our inner body system has, and heal out frustrations, pent up anger and hatred and even pains of the past that continue to haunt each of us.

But the staple products Lopez spoke off from the premium virgin coconut oil to the medicinal drink Cardiac Brew, the Turmeric Tea drinks, down to the healthy Nipa Sugar and Syrup from Mindoro to the Zero Point the Laser Pen that infuses healthy molecules to your food, revved up the audience. These are some of the main components that assist her healthy living. Sufficing this with snippets of communities of farmers, fishermen and craftsmen who she helped improved lives with her products. An attention catcher was the video testimony iconic fashion designer Jeannie Goulbourn narrated; from her sickness to near-death state, to the healing she finally had by embracing a life of wellness. She enumerated the benefits she experienced from regaining her physical energy and stamina, improving her immune system and becoming livelier and even looking younger than 70! A truly inspiring testimony.

The DoTerra Session of healthy meditation and music, while simultaneously inhaling Peppermint drew wonders from the audience. Everyone was participative and surprisingly delighted to no end that ushering to an answer and question session became a healthy happy discourse between Lopez and her audience.

Capping the event was the 5-minute kinetic meditation Lopez gave with such gusto! Followed by the refrain of the song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ the famous ballad she associates with the advocacies and healthy life she aims for the country to achieve. Then went the surge of people to the display and selling area where all GStuff products were, all while GL got surrounded by people for selfies and groufies.

Several GStuff products were purchased and order placements paved the way to another schedule of Lopez’s next Health & Wellness Talk! Let’s watch out for her next Health & Wellness Talk on March 10, same venue.

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  1. Reply February 1, 2018
    Clarisse Santos

    The best workshop ever, so uplifting !!! One leaves the place happy, contented feeling renewed. Gina Lopez is amazing and she should conduct this kind of workshop on a regular basis. She does everything from a personal experience mode and she has a way about her that endears her to listeners. Does G-stuff have a branch somewhere in the Ortigas area for those who live on this side of the world? What about Rockwell, The Grove? With the traffic, we can then purchase Cardiac brew, bags and other G-stuff gift items/ products and not have to go all the way to Mother Ignacia or at the Power Plant. Thank you for considering this suggestion carefully.

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